As the key upstream link on the research and development of crop protection products, synthetic chemistry covers all stages of active ingredient registration, formulation development and commercialization.


It includes four key areas of work:

  • Active ingredient registration
  • Cooperative development with active ingredient suppliers
  • Formulation adaptability of active ingredient
  • Process route
Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry covers the whole process of research & development and works closely with registration and manufacturing.


It encompasses three key areas of work:

  • Methods and standards
  • Competing product research
  • Research and analysis
Formulation Processes

Formulation development at Rotam is at the core of our research & development activities and efforts.

The development approach covers the following four fundamental areas:

  • Product excellence
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Freedom to operate

Principle & process of formulation development at Rotam_R1


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Rotam is committed to developing effective and safe products on a global platform. We offer a variety of tests on target efficacy and crop safety, with research spanning product design, formulation development, product promotion and life-cycle management so that we can constantly improve.


The main work includes:

  • Preliminary development
  • Formulation testing
  • Product positioning research
  • Bioassay data normalization


Rotam manufactures products from start to finish, including our active ingredients. The manufacturing process is conducted through clean room, closed-environment synergies, along with ISO-certified processes that have been developed and refined over many years.

All our facilities strictly follow Good Laboratory Practice to ensure chemical integrity, quality and consistency. GLP compliance is assessed and monitored by German GLP monitoring authority. This accreditation is accepted by all global regulatory authorities.

Rotam research laboratory was the first laboratory in the China crop protection industry awarded OECD GLP certification from the BfR in 2007. Studies include 5-Batch Analysis, Physico-Chemical, Ecotoxicoloy, Mutagenicity, and more.

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